Stevie Nelson Tribute

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Yesterday, Stevie Nelson (actress | tv host | photographer | painter | mother of dachshunds + 1 hamster | creator of pocket compliments) did something really unique and very cool. She tweeted:

live tweeting compliments to you guys if you need them because america is falling apart so let me know and i'll write you a nice reply

— stevie nelson (@iamstevienelson) May 5, 2017

…and for the people who got a compliment, you could tell their world got better. She didn’t solve the world’s problems, but she made her corner of it a little better and I think she’s on to something. If we had more like her (pretty unlikely, she’s quite unusual—in a good way), we’d probably all get along better and maybe our problems would be easier to solve.

Anyway… thank you Stevie for being a kind soul with a big heart.

I just wish I had a larger following, so more people could read this.